My Power Animals are: Red Chinese Dragon, Hummingbird, Eagle-Owl, Bear, Toad, Butterfly, White Raven, Raccoon, Roe Deer, Flying Horse Pegasus, Sunny Hare, Snake, Wolf,  and Heron. 

The Gifts of my Power Animals:

Red Chinese Dragon

works with the vision system,  glandular system,  liver, kidneys, spleen, gallbladder and gallbladder stones, and problems in the bile duct.

She also takes away everything negative, bad, and black, especially anger and envy as well as inability to forgive.


works with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, different allergies, eschar, water dartre, warts, skin growths, dry, flaky skin, dandruff, and falling out, brittle hair. 

She also helps with depression and sadness and returns joy in people's hearts.


returns parts of the human soul lost during traumatic life events; thus, he is the soul healer.


works with the digestive tract, gastric ulcers, colon cancer, stomach cramps, diabetes, diarrhea, all kinds of stomach poisoning and indigestion. He is a Master in reducing and then eliminating physical pain. 


works with all diseases of the throat and vocal cords, laryngitis, endocrine system disorders, and thyroid cancer.
Also works with fatigue, melancholy, depression, and sleep disorders. 

He is a Master of raising life-giving energy. Toad is a symbol of Shamanism, jumping from materialism to spirituality.


works with any difficulties in the area of love and other relationships. She sees the real desires of the people and  directs them toward their true heart's desires.

White Raven:

works with diseases of the muscular skeletal system, arthritis, joint diseases, bone fractures, broken bones, dislocation of the bones after accidents, different sprains, correction of spinal curvature, spinal locks,  and helps with all painful muscle conditions. He is a Master bone-setter.


works with the genital area, so-called women's problems, such as infertility, different ovarian diseases, as well as male impotence, premature ejaculation, and other conditions related to sexual expression.

Roe Deer:

works with all addictions that destroy body and soul, such as alcoholism, nicotine dependence, drug addiction,  overeating, anorexia, and  bulimia. She does it by clearing blood, body cells  and the mind of the person.

Flying Horse Pegasus:

he is responsible for reestablishing a good flow of energy after strong bruises, different traumas, accidents, injuries, as well as bone fractures.

He also activates a new chapter, period or even whole new life for an individual. 

Sunny Hare:

works with people whose  lives are full of worries, strong anxieties, different fears, phobias, and other related negative mental states. 

He calls himself ''sunny'' because he brings joy and light to the people just like the sun.


works with people who are experiencing unexpected traumatic events such as the sudden death of a loved one or another totally unexpected event that changes their life by 360 degrees.

She also helps people to see the truth about certain situations or people.


works with cardiovascular diseases and other heart diseases. He is a Master in working with the physical heart.

He also helps with a sad heart.


she is responsible for the workings of the lungs, spleen, as well as helping eliminate sand and stones from the kidneys; she works with the urinary tract and clears vaginal infections. 

She helps pregnant women not to to be overdue or premature, but to give birth to a healthy child right on time.