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This is a blog about Shamanism, Spiritual Development, Art and Science of Healing and how it all relates to each other. My website: www.tuvanshaman.com

“The Key to the whole Universe is in the art of creating an Altar.” ~ Shamaness ChokBar

October 18th 2018

Join our Shamanic Club members in building your own drum!

October 15th 2018

Would you like to receive a hug from me? :)

October 15th 2018

Come join our class this coming Saturday, October 13th!

October 9th 2018

Come join our Circle!

October 9th 2018

Shamanic Fire Ritual preparation for the Fall Equinox on September 22, 2018, done by my sister, Shamaness Ak-Kara, in Tuva, Russia. I had Shamanic Retreat on that day with people from my Shamanic Club Meetup in New Jersey, and also did Shamanic Fire Ritual, but didn’t take any pictures! I have to make sure, I don’t forget to take pictures in the future! Our Fire Ritual preparation was bigger, since we had several people and very beautiful, as well! πŸΈπŸπŸ‚βœ¨

September 25th 2018


September 21st 2018

May this rose’s beauty sweeten your day!

September 14th 2018

The biggest victory in life is overcoming the fear of darkness.

Shamaness ChokBar

September 11th 2018

Start each morning with - who am I? - question. Define who you are for that day only, and live each day from fresh perspective.

My non-physical Spiritual Teacher K.

September 11th 2018