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January 24th 2018

Teachers come to you, only when you are ready to be a teacher.

My non-physical Spiritual Teacher K.

January 24th 2018
The concept and knowledge of Power Animals helps greatly to understand the idea of being one with another. Where you are that animal, and he/she is you. Not sometimes, but always. At some point the question of a credit comes in, for example: who gets the credit for some amazing thing “you” accomplished? It does wonders for the ego. It helps accept another just the way they are. It helps accept yourself just the way you are. Knowing that even though they are different, they are still you, part of you. It helps with total acceptance of self and others.
My non-physical Spiritual Teacher K.
October 9th 2017
September 19th 2017

The winner is always the one, who has no place to return to.

September 15th 2017
The greatest fruit of life, while being here in the physical body - is the feeling of appreciation.
There is always a choice - to appreciate, or to appreciate even more. No other choice exists for the one, who is willing to learn the mysteries of life.
My non-physical Spiritual Teacher K.
September 6th 2017

I am fearless (positive affirmation)

August 29th 2017
There is a space above the thoughts. Find it.
My non-physical Spiritual Teacher K.
August 28th 2017

🎈🎈🎈A little preview of my workshop next week on Shamanic Healing Sounds, at the Rubin Museum of Art, in New York City. I am inviting anyone, who is ready for such adventure to come play with me! 🎈🎈🎈

August 27th 2017
August 25th 2017