I am in the process of planning shamanic expedition to Tuva in July, 2017 with all of you, who will be joining me!

I am doing it for my friends and soon to be my friends! I believe, there is no such a thing as ''they'', it is just ''us''.

Approximate dates are from July 17, 2017 to July 24, 2017.

My idea is for us to be immersed in a different cultural environment, be as much as possible in the nature, connect to ourselves, our Power Animals, and to the entire Universe on an even deeper level, make friends and have fun!

If that sounds like something you would love to participate in, if you feel the pull and the timing is just right, please, e-mail me, and we will go from there! I will provide all the necessary details and a plan, at a later date!

Keep in mind, that depending where you are going to be coming from to join me, the cost of travel to Russian Federation, Republic of Tuva could be high. I will be flying from New York, NY, United States to Moscow, Russian Federation, then to Abakan, and then about 5-6 hours in a car, through the mountains to the capital of Tuva, Kyzyl.

Please, put 'Expedition to Tuva' in your subject line! My e-mail is: larisakoronowski@yahoo.com

I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces and making unforgettable memories together in my mysterious, mystic Tuva!